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Boston & New England Business Corporate or Personal Holiday Christmas Cards

It’s been traditional to have a return address on business greetings, and it can help you clean up your mailing lists. However, it’s also most common that as soon as a greeting is received, the envelope is disposed of. Your greeting can be to a new client or long-time customer, and your greeting is a friendly reminder of your connection. However, what is your contact information?

We find that with our custom cards, they very often kept around, taped to a computer or some other place to liven up a home desk or office workspace. Recently we have been including not only custom greetings, logos, and name imprints, but also an inside-card address and other contact information, even web addresses.

Keeping up with contact information is so important, yet often difficult with contact information changing so frequently. Your customer, client, or personal friend may remember you well, but forget how to contact you when they need that address. Or even if they have your address, did you get a new phone line, or change your extension? (Or perhaps contact information was lost during an application upgrade. Yipe! As bad as losing the good old fashioned address book.)

We are more often including contact information in a discreet corner, under a logo, or on the opposite side of the page. We are happy to provide you with free proofs to let you see the layout possibilities.

Boston Garden Gate

Boston Garden Gate

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