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Boston & New England Custom Business or Personal Holiday Christmas Cards

One of the last of our new images off the press line for 2011. We can still print this up for a last minute business order, and we have some available boxed on our Salem Design Shop. Business orders can have any customization; boxed cards have a standard verse.

Our images are all from photographs of Boston and the New England, so have the particular look of our region not found in generic cards. We can do any inside customization including custom verses, logos, and inside card addresses. We produce unique and high quality cards that are kept long after the holidays, so besides the seasonal greetings, they often stay around as a reminder the connection with your client.

Also, we have notes on the back of many of our cards to explain the image and why we feel it exemplifies something special about our region. The note on the back of this card is: “A doorway representative of New England’s historic Federal architecture. A carved cod fish hangs over the door as the symbol of the fishing industry and enterprise that drove New England’s and the young nation’s colonial economy.”

Cod Fish & Wreath, New England Door SDSS 0914

Cod Fish & Wreath, New England Door SDSS 0914

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