Cricket & Black Magic – Wedding Pictures

As the honeymoon is winding down, it’s time to get a look at all (and there are many) pictures of the wedding of Cricket & Black Magic. The dogs really like this one because they were Finally able to get out of their outfits. Sort of looks like a happy couple hanging up in the Hawthorne Hotel closet, yes?

We are thinking of making note cards out of some of these images. Or, we can make them available for Your wedding invitations, thank you’s or other stationary. Just drop us a line. See our Wedding Invitations on Salem Design and email: sshea@salemdesign.com

Cricket & Black Magic - Wedding Attire

Cricket & Black Magic - Wedding Attire

Cricket & Black Magic – Salem Dog Wedding DVD!

Great news! The Salem Dog Wedding of Cricket & Black Magic is now on DVD. This is a first rate DVD, videography and DVD design by Jim Merchant of Pirates Lane Video. We think it’s an excellent professional video of our now famous Schipperke wedding.

Maybe you want to have the DVD to review if you are having a dog wedding of your own, or if you are including pets in your own wedding. Do ask us if you have any questions on this – we are quite experienced in working with animals of all kinds, for all kinds of events. Or you might think of this DVD as a fun gift, birthday present or maybe holiday gift for friends or family.

The DVD is available for purchase online in our Salem Design Gift Shop. Cricket & Black Magic – The Salem Dog Wedding

Cricket & Black Magic – Washtub Bathtime

Cricket & Black Magic require frequent baths. Cricket has to be super clean when she goes on Therapy Dog visits, and that’s twice a week. Also, we’re at the ocean beach almost daily, and although the dogs aren’t the best swimmers, they do like getting in the water, especially to chase things or to cool off. That means a bath when they get home so they don’t smell like low tide. Also, they need to get the ocean salt off to keep from licking it from their fur or having it irritate their skin or eyes.

They are pretty tolerant about the baths, but it’s the drying off part they like the most.