At first glance the kitchen is a cozy place. It started with a simple country kitchen look, the table and chairs sporting a strawberries motif. Additions included a sideboard with fish for dinner, a box of fresh fruits, a tea set, and a spice rack on the wall. It seemed a good fit to include a 1920s stove with 2 ovens to complete this charming picture.

But beware. The lower oven door was determined to fall open and stay open, suggesting a danger. The open oven door reminded me of Hanzel & Gretel, who had a close call in a forest cottage, with a witch and her oven. So I went with the stove’s insistent suggestion, left the oven door open, and it’s become the Hansel & Gretel Kitchen.

The story of Hansel & Gretel as told in the original Grimm, is indeed grim. Fortunately Gretel is quick thinking and gets the pair out of a grisly ending. However, the story doesn’t instill a lot of confidence in strangers, or parents, although it says a lot about self-reliance, the importance of being a good judge of character, and in the end, forgiveness as return to hearth & home.

The Haunted Doll House Kitchen