Handmade Leather Notebook

We are starting something new. We now are making unique, one of a kind custom handmade leather gifts. This is the first of our many ideas.

This is a small handmade leather notebook to record your memories or to give as a gift. For this particular item we created a rustic look, and it is ideal for the hiking or boating enthusiast. It could be taken along for the camping or hiking honeymoon, or might be perfect for a birding friend to take notes of what feathered friends they see on field birding expeditions.

This notebook was done by creating a distressed look, antiqued, then dyed and finished. It employs traditional Coptic stitching to hold the paper. It’s a simple variation of the many Coptic stitch types used by the finest handmade book binders. There is decorative crossed stitching as well, and it is closed with a simple leather tie.

We plan many more practical, attractive, and unique leather products. We also have sources that can make elegant, stylish, charming, and colorful handmade book products as well. They could be for anniversaries, weddings, retirement, or any other special occasion. Contact us with what you have in mind, and can make something customized or personalized for you.

Note: All of our custom leather items are made from vegetable dyed leather and only eco-friendly dyes are used.

Salem Haunted Doll House

There has been a hiatus, but the Salem Haunted Doll House has a new lease on life. It has been dusted off, new items have been added, including new lighting fixtures. The house has been getting ready for its appearance in “small obsession: artist’s dollhouses and other obsessively small works of art.” The show will be at the Somerville Museum, May 21- June 25, 2011. Opening reception and artist’s talks on Sunday, May 22, 4 – 6 pm. There will be a Ginny doll talk by author Judith Izen on June 5, 2 pm.

How to get to the Somerville Museum

YouTube commentary and look at the Salem Haunted Doll House

All Occasion Cards – Thank You

Wow, what a line up of fantastic All Occasion Cards we have this year. Think of anything your business would like to say to your clients, customers, or employees. Create an impression and remind people with a special thank you how they have contributed to making your business successful.

We have a variety of styles, and are mindful of how important it is to have eco-friendly, green card options. We have more cards on recycled paper than ever before, and almost all of our inks are soy based. Our cards are attractive, friendly, and thoughtful. These are just a few. Visit our All Occasion Cards section to see them all.

For Spring & Summer – New Prints – Grass

To welcome the warmer weather, we have a new line of prints, one that has been growing for awhile. Today we start with 3 prints on the theme of grass