The Story Room has everything going for it. No dark undertones, just a magical, story telling presence. A gremlin god-mother grand-mother creature is revelling her audience of grandchildren with wise, curious, funny, and poignant stories. The mutual good company and the stories form a barrier that prevent any seriously dangerous or frightening specter from entering. The stories help to make sense of the world, of what happens during our journey through life, and of what we meet along the way.

As in other rooms, there are pictures of fairies as symbols of protection & compassionate wisdom. There are cats, symbols of companionship & unconditional love. Particular to the Story Room are pictures of butterflies, who suggest that metamorphosis is the prelude to beauty.

In the Story Room, take note of the owl (wisdom) in the rocking chair. There is also a small owl peeking through the window of Alice’s room. There is wisdom wherever stories are told.

Story Room of the Salem Haunted Doll House