On September 7th the Salem Haunted (Doll) House was fortunate enough to meet the public at a reception. Many thanks to the Salem Gazette for the time, thoughtful insight, and effort that went into a terrific pre-opening review.

I had expected that most of the Doll House visitors would be parents with children. Not so. By far, most of the visitors were adults with everything from cherished experiences from the past to share, to particularly philosophical interests in what the doll house rooms and inhabitants represented. The visitors were intrigued by the references to familiar, classic fairy tales. They were also thoughtful about the various ‘characters’ in ‘situations’ created in the rooms. [The doll house as a whole is a “boxscape,” each room is a also a “box(ed)scape.”]

Most of the visitors had a strong grip on the ability to be fanciful – or were seeking it. This is what the creation of the Salem Haunted (Doll) House has meant to me. One visitor offered that it was created as a result of my “personal passion.” Yes, you are right. Thank you all so much for coming, and for offering your thoughts.

The Salem Haunted Doll House