The original house was pretty sparse in features, and may have been unfinished. Two rooms on one side, and a missing floor on the other left a cathedral ceiling that didn’t look like what the Victorian details intended. So I added a floor over what would become the living room, and that added room became Alice’s Room. A few pieces of craft store doll house furniture got things started, but what to do about inhabitants? I just happened to have an Alice (in Wonderland) cloth doll, a small ornament, that was calling out to move in. So far she has little company, although I am looking for and surely will find a Mad Hatter, White rabbit or Caterpiller to keep her company.

What has found its way to Alice’s Room is a family member, our gray cat Billie, who could be a stand-in for Alice’s cat, Dinah. Cats are very special. I think so, and from the number of cats in our neighborhood, one could say they are a favorite in Salem. Surely cats, witches & Salem go together. However, Billie started out with more of a reality check than Alice’s cat, Dinah. For his story, see Billie Holiday.

So here’s a picture-visit to Alice’s Room, a fantasy room, but ‘safe’ rather than scary. There are two pictures of Billie (whatever ‘gray cat’), a picture of 2 family children (in Victorian dress), a baby (a generic for the grandchildren), and a really really nice, really really tiny, electrified lamp that was hell to install and get working.

Alice’s Room 1Alice’s Room 1