“Hand Dance” rehearsal for “We No Speak Peopleano”

Someone just asked if Black Magic is being faithful to Cricket now that they are married. In spite of a brief flirtation with a gorgeous Chiuaua named named Juliette, not only has Magic been faithful, but Cricket and Black Magic have become so close they are becoming a team.

Recently they were thrilled by a “hand dance” routine by Irish dancers Cleary & Harding’s “We No Speak Americano.” While not as polished, they did some brief rehearsal and put this video together.

Cricket & Black Magic surprise guests at the PALS Fashion Show

Cricket & Black returned in their wedding attire as special surprise guests at the PALS Animal Rescue fundraiser. The fundraiser for animal rescue was held at Hawthorne Hotel, where they honeymooned, and the fashion show fundraiser ended with a special highlight on wedding dress. Cricket & Black Magic were glad to help out a good cause and a good time was had by all.

Cricket as Therapy Dog International

We are delighted for all that Cricket does as a member of Therapy Dogs International. Cricket achieved her AKC Canine Good Citizen early, and was awarded a special ribbon of distinction for her outstanding behavior by AKC. She passed her Therapy Dogs International test easily and has gone on to serve the comforting needs of humans, especially in hospitals and elder care services.

These are drawings done for Cricket to enjoy, created by a couple of children that she visited.