All Occasion Cards – Thank You

Wow, what a line up of fantastic All Occasion Cards we have this year. Think of anything your business would like to say to your clients, customers, or employees. Create an impression and remind people with a special thank you how they have contributed to making your business successful.

We have a variety of styles, and are mindful of how important it is to have eco-friendly, green card options. We have more cards on recycled paper than ever before, and almost all of our inks are soy based. Our cards are attractive, friendly, and thoughtful. These are just a few. Visit our All Occasion Cards section to see them all.

Cricket & Black Magic surprise guests at the PALS Fashion Show

Cricket & Black returned in their wedding attire as special surprise guests at the PALS Animal Rescue fundraiser. The fundraiser for animal rescue was held at Hawthorne Hotel, where they honeymooned, and the fashion show fundraiser ended with a special highlight on wedding dress. Cricket & Black Magic were glad to help out a good cause and a good time was had by all.

Cricket & Black Magic – Wedding Pictures

As the honeymoon is winding down, it’s time to get a look at all (and there are many) pictures of the wedding of Cricket & Black Magic. The dogs really like this one because they were Finally able to get out of their outfits. Sort of looks like a happy couple hanging up in the Hawthorne Hotel closet, yes?

We are thinking of making note cards out of some of these images. Or, we can make them available for Your wedding invitations, thank you’s or other stationary. Just drop us a line. See our Wedding Invitations on Salem Design and email: sshea@salemdesign.com

Cricket & Black Magic - Wedding Attire

Cricket & Black Magic - Wedding Attire