Handmade Leather Notebook

We are starting something new. We now are making unique, one of a kind custom handmade leather gifts. This is the first of our many ideas.

This is a small handmade leather notebook to record your memories or to give as a gift. For this particular item we created a rustic look, and it is ideal for the hiking or boating enthusiast. It could be taken along for the camping or hiking honeymoon, or might be perfect for a birding friend to take notes of what feathered friends they see on field birding expeditions.

This notebook was done by creating a distressed look, antiqued, then dyed and finished. It employs traditional Coptic stitching to hold the paper. It’s a simple variation of the many Coptic stitch types used by the finest handmade book binders. There is decorative crossed stitching as well, and it is closed with a simple leather tie.

We plan many more practical, attractive, and unique leather products. We also have sources that can make elegant, stylish, charming, and colorful handmade book products as well. They could be for anniversaries, weddings, retirement, or any other special occasion. Contact us with what you have in mind, and can make something customized or personalized for you.

Note: All of our custom leather items are made from vegetable dyed leather and only eco-friendly dyes are used.

“Hand Dance” rehearsal for “We No Speak Peopleano”

Someone just asked if Black Magic is being faithful to Cricket now that they are married. In spite of a brief flirtation with a gorgeous Chiuaua named named Juliette, not only has Magic been faithful, but Cricket and Black Magic have become so close they are becoming a team.

Recently they were thrilled by a “hand dance” routine by Irish dancers Cleary & Harding’s “We No Speak Americano.” While not as polished, they did some brief rehearsal and put this video together.

Cricket & Black Magic surprise guests at the PALS Fashion Show

Cricket & Black returned in their wedding attire as special surprise guests at the PALS Animal Rescue fundraiser. The fundraiser for animal rescue was held at Hawthorne Hotel, where they honeymooned, and the fashion show fundraiser ended with a special highlight on wedding dress. Cricket & Black Magic were glad to help out a good cause and a good time was had by all.