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Handwritten, real paper makes it special

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

This is a wonderful article on the value of something more personal than email and other ‘quick and on the fly’ types of communication that are so dominant today. Real paper makes whatever you have to say, either in a personal message, a thank you, or an invitation, particularly special. And what’s great about what we have to offer is the terrific variety and number of customizations that can make your wedding invitation that something very special that you want to communicate. And don’t forget our note cards, for gifts, thank you’s, or just a note to put your special thoughts to paper. Emails are gone as quickly as they come, but paper can be a reminder for years to come. We have some that have been kept as mementos for generations. We hope you find something special to express your thoughts and style among our many paper invitations and note cards.