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10 Steps to a Green Wedding

This post takes you to the Sierra Club’s The Green Life blog that gives 10 detailed and terrific ways to think about planning your wedding. Of course these days Green is a lot more than a wedding. But a wedding symbolizes a lot, about the couple, the friends and family, and how they relate to living in this world.
We think one very important thing that a green wedding can do – and is often left unstated – is that it can lower the hassle factor for the bride especially, and for everyone else who helps plan, and attends the wedding. Green weddings, and green lifestyles are about taking it easy, on the environment, and yourself. The green wedding can make your event as stylish or casual as you want, with no rating scale on your expenditure as a measure of its success. It’s about how the couple feels about themselves, and the included “wedding ring” – all those who join with you – to celebrate the day. What you choose in a green wedding can make it especially memorable and meaningful, and carry the message well beyond the wedding event.
We’re working on getting some green wedding ideas and services on our “wedding (ring) links” page, starting with local, New England. But our Wedding Invitations section is huge – we provide a spectrum of invitations that will please any bride, anywhere, any style or preference.
As far as a big listing of green ideas for a wedding, this is a good and comprehensive one, from the Sierra Club.
10 Steps to a Green Wedding from the Sierra Club The Green Life

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