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Cricket & Black Magic – dog wedding, animals at your wedding or event

We have a wonderful link to share that is a nice write up, photos, and video of the Salem Dog Wedding Honeymoon at the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem. Now that we’ve done this “fanciful” event, we’re seeing a lot of the meaningful messages we wanted to imply by doing it come through.

First, it was more than just the dogs. It really was a story about commitment, not just to our animal friends, but also to our families, our friends, and our community. We are working on the final video this week that will include an extensive list of credits. All are terrific friends, town officials, and businesses who helped us put this together.

It was also about the give and take of commitment that a wedding ceremony symbolizes. Cricket, our therapy dog, has given so much to our community. We were delighted that the ladies of Brookhouse elder housing could attend. And our rescue Black Magic thoroughly enjoyed his day – it was so different from before he came to live with us here in Salem. This tolerant city welcomes and rehabilitates body, mind and soul. We hope our event showed that.

We were happy to be told that the other “real person” bride that was also at the Hawthorne when we arrived, was charmed and intrigued by our dog wedding & honeymoon, so she had her photographer takes a few pictures of our dog couple to include in her own wedding album. Our best wishes to that couple, and we hope you enjoy seeing a bit of our joyful event when you look through the pictures of your own.

We worked two months on our ‘dog wedding’, including costume design, venue, ceremony, music, sound, video, and the enjoyment and safety of our attendees, both human and canine. We have a bit of experience in film making, and know resources that we could highly recommend for your event. In particular, we would like to thank Jim Merchant of Pirates Lane Video (, and Mick Bramante of Daddy’s Junky Music ( They were immeasurably helpful in producing our event, and a final video, that we could produce without copyright infringement. All the little things, the suggestions, helped a lot.

As far as animal management, I have experience through the auspicies of Salem Design, working on a Nova television film, through personal projects, and with Therapy Dogs International. I am extremely proud of all the footage that was produced, and loved the variety of creatures I have worked with in presentations and in film. To the dog trainers, dog walkers, dog businesses, and dog friendly businesses I have worked with, I cannot express my gratitude enough.

If you have questions about including an animal friend in your event, we’d be glad to give you any advice based on our experiences.

This is a write up on the Hawthorne Hotel blog. Our video of the wedding ceremony will be out soon.
Cricket & Black Magic Honeymoon at Hawthorne Hotel

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