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Cricket & Black Magic – The Salem Dog Wedding Video

Thanks for all the help, talent, and effort that so many people contributed to make the Cricket & Black Magic Salem Dog Wedding a success. We are glad to have the dogs officially married, but we are also so pleased about how the event came out. As we mentioned in our “Commitment” comments, the wedding was about commitment – to our animal friends, our families, our community, and our environment.

Thanks to everyone, and especially Jim Merchant of Pirates Lane Video, the resulting video expresses all the good spirited fun and inclusive attitude that our community of Salem, MA, likes to extend to residents and visitors alike.

The best of good wishes to every couple planning their event, and may you have as good a time at it as we did.

Cricket & Black Magic are now a married couple, but it’s just the beginning. Their lives will go on, and we will be following their adventures on another Salem Design blog – Salem Design/Creative, where we follow our more creative and imaginative projects. We anticipate creating a Cricket & Black Magic Facebook page for them as well.

Cricket & Black Magic – The Salem Dog Wedding video

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