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Welcome to Salem Design Wedding Invitations! We are just getting our collection of invitations online. There will be more coming soon, but for now, let us tell you about a couple of the biggest advantages of choosing your wedding stationary needs online from Salem Design.

1 – We have so many to choose from! And because they are online, you can review your choices at any time, 24/7. That means you can review invitations when most convenient for you, for as long or as often as you like. You have the option of reviewing our many styles and options, and then returning to your favorites later when you may have more time or a different idea for your wedding plans or style.

2 – Proofing Online. A  proof is the invitation you have chosen, with the type style and color of your choice, created instantly with the event information you provide. If a hard copy proof is done by a printer, this takes time to set up and print, there is added cost for doing hard copy proofs, and you only get the one version you have indicated.

Proofing online is quick, simple, no cost, and you can review as many options of color and text as you want. Simply choose the invitation you want to proof, provide your invitation information, then choose the text style and color from our drop down menus. Voila! Your proof is instantly created online for your review. You can proof as many invitation styles as you choose.

A particular advantage of our online proofing is that it is easy to email to others for their comments and feedback, and you can also save the proof to your hard drive for reference. All at no charge to you.

If you have any questions about our online proofing process, feel free to email us or call for assistance at: or 978-740-5940

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