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What should the groom wear?

The spectrum of wedding event styles – from formal, to casual, to DIY – provides a lot of latitude in dressing for the occasion. The answer to “what should the groom wear?” lies in courtesy. The groom should look appropriately matched to what his bride is wearing and the wedding style. This means color, the elements of the wedding decor, and the degree of formality.

This shouldn’t require a lot of expense, just good thinking and thoughtful choice. Renting a tux isn’t that expensive for a formal wedding, and a nice suit would do for something more casual. But the bride will want to look her best, and even for more informal or DIY event, she’ll want her man looking respectable, out of respect for her.

Another point of courtesy to be distinguishable from the groomsmen. A wedding brings together two sets of families, and two sets of friends. Even if the couple has invited mostly people who know each other, their are bound to be people who may be meeting the groom (or bride) for the first time. They shouldn’t have to guess who the groom is!

And even if it’s a small wedding where everyone is familiar, there will no doubt be pictures. Wouldn’t it be nice if those in the future, like your children maybe, can easily tell who dad is in those pictures?

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