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Cricket & Black Magic – Formal Wedding Portrait

June 22nd, 2010
Cricket and Black Magic

Cricket & Black Magic - Formal Wedding Portrait

Salem Dog Wedding – Fitting of the Bridal Gown

June 11th, 2010

Cricket Salem Dog Wedding Bridal Gown

Cricket being fitted for her bridal gown

We’re getting down to the wire. The Salem Schipperke Dog Wedding will take place on Friday, June 25th, 12:00 pm at the Salem Willows Beach in Salem, MA.

Today the bride, Cricket, was fitted for her sumptuous and elegant bridal gown. This gown really is amazing. The train is a couple of feet long (and this is for an 11 pound dog), entirely hand made, with hand made accessories to match. The theme is white roses, which are on the bridal gown and train, the matching bridal bouquet, and the anklet “shoes” that were made for Cricket’s tiny feet. The gown was imagined, designed, and made by a Salem dog store owner, to whom we are much indebted for this outstanding effort. Bridal Gown by Nancy, of Salem’s Living with Pets on Pickering Wharf.

An album of photos of the wedding gown fitting is on our FaceBook page. Salem Design – Wedding Invitations

Cricket & Black Magic – Puppy Love

June 4th, 2010

Handwritten, real paper makes it special

May 27th, 2010

This is a wonderful article on the value of something more personal than email and other ‘quick and on the fly’ types of communication that are so dominant today. Real paper makes whatever you have to say, either in a personal message, a thank you, or an invitation, particularly special. And what’s great about what we have to offer is the terrific variety and number of customizations that can make your wedding invitation that something very special that you want to communicate. And don’t forget our note cards, for gifts, thank you’s, or just a note to put your special thoughts to paper. Emails are gone as quickly as they come, but paper can be a reminder for years to come. We have some that have been kept as mementos for generations. We hope you find something special to express your thoughts and style among our many paper invitations and note cards.

Drama & Magic – Travel by Horse Drawn carriage in your Wedding

March 25th, 2010

Another idea to make your wedding unique and special – and What a great backdrop for your wedding pictures. We have a local company posted on our Wedding Ring Links page, but we expect you can find a similar service wherever you are. See our Wedding Ring Links page for a link to Friendship Carriage Tours.
Wedding Ring Links

Also see a list that will locate a bagpipper for you anywhere in the US – and around the world too!

10 Steps to a Green Wedding

March 14th, 2010

This post takes you to the Sierra Club’s The Green Life blog that gives 10 detailed and terrific ways to think about planning your wedding. Of course these days Green is a lot more than a wedding. But a wedding symbolizes a lot, about the couple, the friends and family, and how they relate to living in this world.
We think one very important thing that a green wedding can do – and is often left unstated – is that it can lower the hassle factor for the bride especially, and for everyone else who helps plan, and attends the wedding. Green weddings, and green lifestyles are about taking it easy, on the environment, and yourself. The green wedding can make your event as stylish or casual as you want, with no rating scale on your expenditure as a measure of its success. It’s about how the couple feels about themselves, and the included “wedding ring” – all those who join with you – to celebrate the day. What you choose in a green wedding can make it especially memorable and meaningful, and carry the message well beyond the wedding event.
We’re working on getting some green wedding ideas and services on our “wedding (ring) links” page, starting with local, New England. But our Wedding Invitations section is huge – we provide a spectrum of invitations that will please any bride, anywhere, any style or preference.
As far as a big listing of green ideas for a wedding, this is a good and comprehensive one, from the Sierra Club.
10 Steps to a Green Wedding from the Sierra Club The Green Life

Handcrafted Wedding Invitations

March 6th, 2010
Handcrafted Wedding Invitation SH417

Handcrafted Wedding Invitation SH417

Handcrafted Wedding Invitation SH420

Handcrafted Wedding Invitation SH420

We have hundreds of invitations to choose from, but each one is special. These are a couple of samples from our lovely handcrafted wedding invitations. Beautifully made, these unique invitations have a choice of lettering styles and ink colors. See our Wedding Invitation “Handcrafted” section to see more of these specially made invitations, and try out the many lettering styles and ink colors. Also, you can click on “Larger Image” to see a full screen view, which will give you a very detailed look at the invitation.

Wedding Invitation Proofs Online

March 3rd, 2010

Welcome to Salem Design Wedding Invitations! We are just getting our collection of invitations online. There will be more coming soon, but for now, let us tell you about a couple of the biggest advantages of choosing your wedding stationary needs online from Salem Design.

1 – We have so many to choose from! And because they are online, you can review your choices at any time, 24/7. That means you can review invitations when most convenient for you, for as long or as often as you like. You have the option of reviewing our many styles and options, and then returning to your favorites later when you may have more time or a different idea for your wedding plans or style.

2 – Proofing Online. A  proof is the invitation you have chosen, with the type style and color of your choice, created instantly with the event information you provide. If a hard copy proof is done by a printer, this takes time to set up and print, there is added cost for doing hard copy proofs, and you only get the one version you have indicated.

Proofing online is quick, simple, no cost, and you can review as many options of color and text as you want. Simply choose the invitation you want to proof, provide your invitation information, then choose the text style and color from our drop down menus. Voila! Your proof is instantly created online for your review. You can proof as many invitation styles as you choose.

A particular advantage of our online proofing is that it is easy to email to others for their comments and feedback, and you can also save the proof to your hard drive for reference. All at no charge to you.

If you have any questions about our online proofing process, feel free to email us or call for assistance at: or 978-740-5940