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Salem Design Charitable Giving


Salem Design supports charitable giving, and particularly giving locally. We make cash donations, give in kind, and volunteer our time and efforts to the list of causes and organizations below. We have provided cards, photographic and design services, internet & web services, and have spend countless hours volunteering for fund raisers, events, and ongoing volunteer support.

Schipperkes Cricket and Magic

We are members of Therapy Dogs International and make weekly visits to those in need of the comfort and companionship of a friendly animal. Our Schipperkes Cricket and Magic always bring smiles

Any purchase you make through our web site helps us support these causes. For any purchase of $100 or more, please let us know which one of these charities or organizations you would like to make a donation to, and 5% of your purchase will go toward supporting that cause. Please contact us if you would like to know more about our charitable giving.


Animal Welfare

Social Consciousness & Homelessness

Community Support

Friendship Salem Merchant Indiaman Tall Ship Square Rigger



Community Supported Agriculture & Fishing